LX House



Francesc Buixeda & Carmen Benítez
Engineering consultor
Structural consultor
Josep Nel·lo

Located on a high elevation in the municipality of Matadepera, next to the “Parque Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt”, the landscape landmarks that surround the plot are conditioning factors for the implantation of the dwelling.

A square pavilion of lightweight construction is proposed that rests on the highest part of the terrain and, as the topography slopes, generates a space underneath it from which the dwelling is accessed.

The pavilion where the main programme of the dwelling is developed is formed by four naves of equal dimensions that revolve around the central access courtyard. Each rectangular-shaped nave is supported by two Warren beams that span the entire height and length of its façade, leaving the width of the structure free of structure to house windows focused on the different views of the landscape: to the north, the nave that looks towards the Cavall Bernat monolith, to the east looking towards the rocky formation of the natural park, to the south towards the distant landscape of the municipality and lastly to the west, the nave that looks towards the figure of Montserrat as the light falls in the afternoon.

The pavilions have been modulated for industrialised construction.

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