Camp Joliu School

L'Arboç del Penedès


Francesc Buixeda & Javier Ivorra
Roacsa Construcciones
Engineering consultor
Grup Engind SL
Structural consultor
Bis Structures SLP
Alejo Bagué

The project consists of the construction of a new educational building, located inside  the Camp Joliu school, in the town of l’Arboç, Baix Penedes (Tarragona).

The location of the building is within a rectangular plot, in which on one side of the rectangle, we have a factory, and on the opposite side there are some sports courts, which the school asked us to keep intact, hence the need to make an elongated building, near as much as possible to the gauges of the plot, which would make us backdrop to the school, and at the same time acoustic barrier of the tasks being performed in the factory annexed, and without touching the existing sports courts.

This new building contains the expansion needs of the school, such as the construction of new classrooms, a dressing room area, different tutoring rooms and offices, a multi-purpose area, porch, etc.

The project has two floors and has been carried out in three phases.  The first phase of the building, in which classrooms, a dressing room area, offices and tutoring areas were built. The second phase was the construction of more classrooms, as well as a porch for outdoor activities under cover, and in the third phase of construction of the building, a large multi-purpose room was built, with double height, which serves as a covered gymnasium, or room for graduations, etc.

The façade of the building is made of white concrete block, playing with the composition of the façade according to the interior programme of the building.

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